There is a inherent silence in grey that brings peace and quiet to any space.  In our opinion grey is just one of those colours that can never go out of fashion.  Time has taught us that grey is here to stay. 

/ We chat to in-house paint experts Helen Arenhold in Cape Town and Simone Massey in Johannesburg about the colour, the trend and the well deserved industry respect of this hue. /

Q:  What are the most popular shades of Grey?
Simone Massey:

Paintsmiths shades Foil and Millstone

Helen Arenhold:
Filament, Arniston White, Nguni, Concrete Highway, Millstone, Foil,

Old Tar, Pencil Lead, Dell, in fact all our Industrial Greys are very in demand.

Q:  So, what is the deal with warm, cool and clean greys?
Simone Massey:

Grey can be a complicated and confusing colour, due to the many undertones found in a grey palette but once you have decided on your preference of the shade of grey you want to use, its less complicated!

Cool greys have blue undertones and give the interior and exterior a “cool” look and feel. Cool greys compliment a modern interior and tend to work well with dark floors, clean lines, an airy feel, white carpentry, white stone tops etc.

Warm greys either have green, taupe, brown and beige undertones. These undertones are subtle but give a warmer feel to the interior or exterior.

Clean greys are greys that are light, fresh and clean tones used for an ultra-neutral palette.

Q:  Which colour(s) would you pair with grey?
Simone Massey:
Black hues, shades of whites, soft beiges leading into natural stone and subtle browns – for instance Paintsmiths Heritage colours Nguni, Phalaborwa Dust, Schoenies, Arniston White and Almost There.

Helen Arenhold:
Grey has so many colours one can pair it with.  Yellow, Reds, Vibrant Reds, Gold, Dark Green and Lime light Green, Rust reds, Muted pastel colours. There are many options in our fan-deck range, they are endless.

Q: Do you find that modern architect still opt for this colour?
Simone Massey:
Most definitely! Using a balance between white, black and grey tones maintain a clean and neutral look – using a spectrum of grey shades creates a sense of harmony throughout complimenting modern architecture.

Helen Arenhold:

Definitely.  Our Industrial Grey selection is used on many buildings and homes. The basis for projects is grey with contrasting colours introduced in alcoves, plinths, recesses etc

Q:  What is so special about the Paintsmiths Grey Collection?
Simone Massey:

The Paintsmiths Grey collection is both neutral, versatile and balanced, offering the client a full greyscale tone colour selection!

Helen Arenhold:
Our Industrial greys are white with various percentage amounts of black colourant added.  There are no blue or green colourants added to them. Our fan-deck then incorporates many more blue greys, green greys, yellow greys so we have an earthy feel of Greys.

Not to say the very big plus point.  Our paint is ZERO VOC which earns Architects their first star when building a ‘Green Building’.

For more information on the Paintsmith Grey Collection or to order a Clean Grey Fan-deck, kindly contact us.

Written by Paintsmiths