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Envirolite Steracon

Steracon low sheen a simple acrylic paint application that repels bacteria.


Midas Steracon was developed in association with biologists in response to a growing need for coatings that offer effective protection against a variety of
microbial agents.

The active ingredients repel bacteria, fungi and other harmful microbes, making the Steracon system ideal for abattoirs, hospitals, wineries and any other environments where the proliferation of microbes could pose a serious health risk. In the domestic environment, Steracon can be used to keep bathroom areas clean and hygienic as these types of environments have a tendency to accumulate fungal growth.


Steracon has been certified as free of Organo halogens, making it safe to be used in wineries.

The Steracon range includes the following products:

  • Decontamination Solution

  • Solvent Based Masonry Primer

  • Sheen Finishing Coat

Envirolite Paint Buckets
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